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Supporting Departments

HR Operations
Our department is devoted to creating an image of being the most favorable employer through managing our organizations most valuable resource – our employees. We aim to achieve the most sustainable & effective utilization of human resources and creating a culture of trust through transparency, continuous support and providing high quality service to our customers.

The VWATD Administration (Admin.) department guarantees secure business operations with VW standards and full passion. We are focusing on the most sustainable solution and ongoing processes to make all services more customers oriented.  We are working and monitoring our suppliers’ services closely to increase their capability to provide high quality service for our customers at all times. More and more processes are and will be standardized to reduce wastes, costs and unnecessary double work. Zero Impact Factory, sustainability and customer orientation are the starting points of our services, and with the approach of constant optimization we are supporting our company development and future.

Environment, Health, Safety & Cooperate Relations
We devote ourselves to provide our employees, suppliers and visitors a safe and healthy working environment; To practice our social responsibility through our commitment to environment protection and people's health protection.

Cooperate Relations in the Volkswagen Automatic Transmission (Dalian) Co. Ltd. (VWATD) deals with the organization and communication between the government and our company. Our responsibilities  focus on the better communication and cooperation between our company and governments or other enterprises.

Information Technology
The goal of IT department is to develop, implements and provides innovative technologies for all our business departments.
Our responsibilities focus on the stable operation and improvement of our internal applications and the support of our users in every business situation. Innovation driven we support the fast growth of VWATD and ensure IT solutions that support product variety and complexity. Working closely together with Volkswagen IT colleagues worldwide and international teams on-site we leverage synergies from an IT organization with more than 10000 IT specialists all over the globe.