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Glorious 10 years, and splendid future with you

2017年11月13日,“辉煌十年 征途有你”大众汽车自动变速器(大连)有限公司(VWATD)十周年庆典圆满举行。这是继去年10月,第400万台DQ200变速器在VWATD成功下线之后,公司发展历程中又一个重要的里程碑。活动现场,大连市金普新区、经济技术开发区领导、大众汽车集团(中国)高层代表发表了精彩演讲,此外,众多的工厂员工和媒体也共同见证了这一时刻。

On 13th November 2017, we proudly celebrated ‘Glorious 10 years, and splendid future with you‘ 10th anniversary of VWATD together with the guests from Volkswagen Group, Government Representatives, Media and our staff. This is another milestone in the course of the company’s development after the 4 Mil. transmission production celebration in October 2016.

大众汽车集团管理董事会成员、大众汽车集团(中国)总裁兼CEO海兹曼通过视频发表演讲:“大众汽车集团(中国)致力于通过最先进的技术,推动汽车产业的整体发展。我们知道,超过400万的客户正在使用由大众汽车自动变速器(大连)有限公司生产的变速器产品。这对于我们来说,是一份宝贵的信任。为此,大众汽车集团(中国)将持续为客户提供拥有更强的耐用性、可靠性,以及顶尖品质的产品。与此同时,我们正不断推动工厂的绿色发展,加强质量管理。我深信,通过我们的共同努力,我们正朝着正确的方向, 在致力于为客户提供以人为本的可持续移动出行解决方案的道路上稳步前行。”

Prof. DR. Jochem Heizmann (Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG and President & CEO of Volkswagen Group China) delivered a speech by video. He said: “Volkswagen Group (China) is committed to providing state of the art technologies for further development of the entire automotive industry. We know, more than 4 Million customers put their precious trust in us by using transmissions from Dalian. Therefore, Volkswagen Group (China) is devoted to durability, reliability and highest quality. Volkswagen Automatic Transmission Dalian is advancing green development. And Volkswagen Automatic Transmission Dalian is a role model of quality management. I am convinced that through our joint efforts we are moving steadily in the right direction to provide people-oriented and sustainable mobility solutions.”


Mr. Joerg Mueller (Executive Vice President Production & Logistics of Volkswagen Group China and Chairman of Volkswagen Automatic Transmission Dalian) said: “The development of VWATD in the past decade played a very important part in the development of Volkswagen Group (China), in the future we will step forward together and continue to make a contribution to the development of china automobile industry.


Mr. Korzinovski (Technical General Manager of Volkswagen Automatic Transmission (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Technical General Manager of Volkswagen Automatic Transmission (Tianjin)Co., Ltd.) expressed: “The story of successful 10 years in Dalian – is a story written by our employees. I am proud of what we have achieved together, and every time I look at our plant, I am filled of joy by what I see. When I think of the long road we have walked together – I am also filled with confidence – Confidence that we are looking towards a bright future – what brings us to the slogan of our ceremony today. Here is to a ‘Glorious 10 years, and splendid future with you’!”


Mr. Liu Dengchun (Deputy Secretary of CPC Working Committee of Jinpu New Area; Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of Jinpu New Area; Director of the Administrative Committee of Dalian Economic & Technological Development Area) also made a speech showing his praise for our development, the contribution of all staff and the best wishes to our future.


In the past ten years, we have made dominant achievements with the joint efforts of all VWATD employees under the principle of high quality and high efficiency. Everyone is proud of being a part in this big family and make contribution on their own position.

We are full of confidence to make a better future together!