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Smart Logistic, with full speed

Phase V launched smart factory project which introduced a mobile robot system and created an intelligent and efficient intra-factory logistics system. The system includes “automatic off-line of transmissions” and “automatic online of housing parts.” It realizes the automatic handling of logistics from the production line to the warehouse, covering the entire factory, improving logistics efficiency, reducing labor costs, and improving the flexibility of logistics system.

More and more manufacturing enterprises have begun to embrace smart manufacturing. They also build intelligent factories and promote the upgrading and development of enterprises. ATD is also in the era.

The VWATD’s innovative logistics project introduces nine mobile robots (referred to as AGV). It cooperates with innovative equipment suppliers to create the first QR-Code AGV logistics solution in the automotive industry to realize a factory-level collaborative intelligent logistics system. ATD’s creation of this intelligent logistics system is mainly determined by two factors:

On the one hand, it is to comply with the development trend of intelligent manufacturing. In the era of Industry 4.0, the logistics management of manufacturing enterprises is required to be more innovative and flexible.

In line with the new round of IT development such as the Internet of Things, big data, and mobile applications, building “smart factories” and building in “smart logistics” is an inevitable trend for the future development of manufacturing enterprises. In digitalization and intelligent manufacturing, the continuously progressing VWATD is at the top level in the industry and is a benchmark

—Mr. Ma Cong Head of Logistic

On the other hand, it meets the objective needs of the phase V factory material online model. First of all, realize the forklift-free online mode of the production line to solve the hidden safety hazards of forklifts, line patrol vehicles, and workers in mixed operations.

Secondly, it solves the ergonomic problems of lumbar muscle strain caused by the bending and packing of the finished transmission. The shell parts need to manually push 42 pallets of materials to the edge of the line at the peak, and the walking distance of the push is 150m. The weight of each pallet is about 300KG; Production employees also need to complete a series of operations such as manual rotation, replenishment, emptying, and changeover. Thus, the labor load is high, the work efficiency is low, and there are significant safety hazards. To this end, the fifth phase of the plant needs to introduce a flexible and efficient customized AGV and material distribution system to realize the online forklifts and ergonomic optimization and ensure the accurate and efficient distribution of parts.

The implementation of this project provides strong logistics support for the VWATD assembly bus. It gives a satisfactory answer to all parties for constructing an intelligent factory and an intelligent logistics system for the Volkswagen Group.